RESEARCH TITLE: Online Gaming and Disruptive Behaviour: The Impact of Positive Behaviour and Community Cohesion

Abstract: This thesis aims to understand disruptive behaviour in online games. Specifically, the research aims to a) identify common patterns of disruptive behaviours, b) determine positive behaviour interventions that can be implemented to reduce and prevent this sort of behaviour, as well as c) understand the applicability, transferability and effectiveness of these strategies in online environments.

About Tiago: Current PhD researcher at UCL in the Security and Crime Science Department. I hold a BSc in Criminology and an MSc in Crime Science from UCL. My research interests include online environments and disruptive behaviour (such as harassment, hate speech, aggressive behaviour, etc.) and its impacts on individuals as well as the use of positive behaviour and community cohesion interventions as preventive measures.

Graduate teaching assistant in: BSc: Programming for Crime Scientists; Probability, Statistics, and Modelling ll MSc: Foundations for Security and Crime Science; Quantitative Methods; Understanding Multivariate Modelling and Casual Inference; Applied Data Science

Insights by Tiago

Tiago is a PhD researcher at the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science.


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