RESEARCH TITLE: Cybercrime as a Service

Abstract: TBD

About Ema – click here to [read more] Ema is currently a Doctoral Student in the Center for Doctoral Training in Cybersecurity. Her research focuses on the investigation of Cybercrime as a Service. She has completed her undergraduate degree in Security and Crime Science at UCL where she realised how much she really enjoys being a part of such an exciting and vibrant, multidisciplinary department and research community.

Ema holds a master’s degree in Security and Resilience: Science and Technology from Imperial College London where she was exposed to a more technical perspective of (cyber)security. Her research interests are very diverse, but she is most interested in emerging (technology) threats and their impact from a socio-technical perspective as well as the evolution of the more traditional crimes to today’s world. [/read]

Insights by Ema

Ema is a PhD researcher at the UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in Cybersecurity.


Speaks English, Slovenian & Croatian