RESEARCH TITLE: Identifying opportunities for crime prevention in smart cities and evaluating their social acceptability

Abstract: My research aims to identify how new smart city technologies may be used for crime prevention as well as possible obstacles to their implementation. This includes, amongst other factors, organisational, ethical, and practical constraints. I place special emphasis on how different technologies are perceived and with what level of public support their are met.

About Julian – click here to [read more] Julian is a researcher at the Dawes Centre for Future Crime and the Institute of Global City Policing at UCL. He holds an MSc in Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism and is an researcher in crime prevention and policing, and the security management for critical national infrastructure and developing smart cities. His current work includes researching opportunities and obstacles in the usage of smart city technologies for crime prevention. He further explores the criteria for the (social) acceptability of new crime prevention technologies, laying the groundwork for their future implementation in the United Kingdom. Julian has also advised local authorities and the German Ministry of the Interior on opportunities and potential for crime prevention in smart cities and has completed consultancy projects in close cooperation with the German Federal Office for Information Security. His recent publications include research papers on subjects such as the security in smart cities, police demand management, and policing in pandemics. [/read]

Insights by Julian

Julian is a PhD researcher funded by the Dawes Centre for Future Crime at UCL.


Languages spoken: English, German, Spanish and Swedish