UCL SECReT Society to launch website and social media on 14 May


The UCL Security Science Research and Training (SECReT) Society will officially launch its website and social media pages on Friday, 14 May 2021 at 16:30. The launch event is open to UCL Department of Security and Crime Science staff and students, who can view the event details here.

With the launch, the UCL SECReT Society will begin sharing, collaborating and networking with an external audience, through publicising the experience and expertise of its team of expert researchers. The Society will routinely publish insights tackling a wide variety of crime problems and motivating possible countermeasures, written for the benefit of an array of stakeholders. Law enforcement, FinTech, policymakers, regulators and all other practitioners involved in detecting and preventing crime will be able to access and make use of our expert insights.

The Society website will also be the portal for accessing our many events (currently online only per pandemic restrictions), which vary from open events to all interested stakeholders to student/staff only. Academics will be particularly interested in rewatching the highlights of our Messed Up! Series, where academics from the UCL Department of Security and Crime Science discuss their academic failures (as opposed to successes) and provide tips on how to avoid them.

The UCL SECReT Society invites all interested parties to like and follow our LinkedIn and Twitter pages, and to subscribe to our latest insights. Specific researchers can be contacted directly from their profile, which can be found here.

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