RESEARCH TITLE: The Invisible Trail: The Application of The Microbiome in Forensic Investigations

About Nicola Nicola Bennett is an EPSRC-funded interdisciplinary PhD student with the Department of Security and Crime Science and Microbiology at UCL, examining the potential applications of microbes in Forensic Science. Originally obtaining a BSc in Archaeology from the University of Reading and an MPhil in Archaeological Science from the University of Cambridge, Nicola now hopes to merge several disciplines to further the field of Forensic Microbiomics.

Graduate teaching assistant in: SECU0023 Forensic Geoscience, SECU0033 Investigation & Detection, and BIOC0023 Specialist Research Project: The Microbiome

Insights by Nicola

Nicola is a PhD researcher at the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science.


Languages spoken: English